Gurudwara History (English)

Guru ka Taal is a historical Sikh pilgrimage place dedicated to the memory of ninth Guru Sri Guru Tegh Bahudar Ji. Guru ka Taal is near Sikandra in Agra. The Gurudwara was built over the place where the Guru Tegh Bahadur offered his arrest to Aurangazeb, the Mughal Emperor.

 This historic structure dates back to the 17th century. Earlier it was a Taal (reservoir) in the area near Sikandra. It was built in 1610 AD to collect and conserve rainwater in Agra during Jehangir’s reign. The water of the reservoir was used for irrigation purposes during the dry season. The reservoir was ornamented with stone carvings. The Gurudwara called Guru Ka Taal was built in 1970s due to the contributions and arduous efforts of Sant Baba Sadhu Singhji “Mauni”.

 SHRI GURU TEGH BHADUR SAHIB JI along with his followers Bhai Mati Das ji, Bhai Sati Das ji Bhai Dyala Ji, Bhai Gurditta Ji, Bhai Udo ji, and Bhai Jaita ji started journey from SHRI ANANDPUR SAHIB. Stopping at Saifabad (Patiala), Cheeka, Jind, Rohtak, Janipur GURU SAHIB reached here at Agra. GURU SAHIB stopped outside Agra city at this place (GURUDWARA SHRI MANJI SAHIB, situated on the left side of GURUDWARA  GURU KA TAAL in the same campus).

 As history reveals there was a grazer by the name of Hasan Aliwho used to bring the goats here for grazing. He always used to pray to God that the saviour of Hindus will get arrested one day and he should be the one responsible for his (GURU TEGH BHADUR SAHIB’S) arrest and get paid  a bounty of Rs.500 in the process.

 Guru Sahib beckoned Hasan Ali to fetch sweets from the market as He was hungry. Guru Sahib gave him His precious ring to sell in market and bring some sweets and food from that money. Guru Sahib also gave him a Shawl to carry the sweets and food. Hasan Ali went to the confectioner and gave the ring to the shopkeeper, in exchange for the sweets. Seeing such expensive things the shopkeeper became suspicious that how can a grazer have such things, may be he must have stolen it and reported it to the Kotwali (Police Station). The Police arrested Hasan Ali who took them to Guru Sahib. The Police then asked who Guru Sahib was and in turn the reply came “The saviour of Hindus Tegh Bahadur is my name”.

 On hearing this the Police arrested Guru Sahib along with the other Sikhs. Guru Sahib was kept blind-folded for 9 days in Bhora Sahib (below the main Darbar Sahib). Hasan Ali was in turn given the bounty of 500 rupees. From here Guru Sahib and the other Sikhs were taken under high security to Delhi.